Georg Barikin

designer & software developer

Born in Moscow, USSR, I now live in sunny Düsseldorf, Germany.

I started out as a graphic designer, but gradually moved into (mostly web-) programming. Over the years I've worked with all parts of the stack: UX design, client-side apps, python and go backends, sql and nosql databases.

I'm available for freelance work. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have a challenging project and you could use a hand with it.

current projects


World's largest affiliate products database. Architected and developed a highly dynamic, quickly searchable database of hundreds millions of products. Developed a sophisticated UI in javascript. Integrated lots of external services and APIs.

Tools: Python, C, Golang, Mongo, AWS


Application and Geodata platform, used by municipalities and companies across Germany. Architected and developed the core server, OWS services integration, and a complex UI in Typescript/React.

Tools: Python, Typescript, React, PostgreSQL, Docker

(selected) past projects Chrome application for cloud migrations. UX for the web-based measurement software. website front-end in Angular.

browser extensions

copytables: Chrome extension (30,000+ users)

copytables: MacOS Safari extension

open source

chartreux: templating language for python.

jadzia: css in js.

slon: simple liteweight object notation.

myosotis: ancient greek dictionary desktop application.


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